Amrita Smriti

Translated from Nepali by Hem Bishwakarma 


The clouds worn different contour and forms

sitting quietly on the lap of sky

ejaculate their semen

lust seeing uncovered breast of the earth

then, the earth is wet all over– every organ!


the earth warble a love song

from under a veil of shyness

embellished with countless dreams

strives she for all the possibilities

whispering to the winds

parcels a vigour to downpour to the sky

the winds make a hurried fall to the soil–

after reaching the sky

as if it were a long-awaited meet

Kakakul[1] stops making a cry

Once again,

the lively smile dangles–

on the soft and mushy lips


at times, the sky becomes so cruel

the barren sky wears voracity

seeing the vigour of the earth to bring the life

then the clouds swing

go insane

make a growl

and kiss the earth

till she is paralyzed!

I know,

the sky oppresses beyond love

why do people

dream of skies standing on the earth?

these scenes inseminate me

the youthful poems are born!

[1] Crested Serpent Eagle


Poet Amrita Smriti is the First Runner Up in National Poetry Competition-2078 (Rastriya Kavita Mahotsav) organized by Nepal Academy (Rastriya Prajyna Pratisthan).