Bindu Sharma

Translated from Nepali by Hem Bishwakarma 


Listen, Oh Man!

I weigh as light as silk-cotton of Simal tree[1]

As I’ve given birth to a dream.


Fastening a muslin Patuki[2]

Around an empty cave-womb

I hope to flutter with an aromatic breeze

I hope to knit the gleams of Venus to the old eyes.

I hope to lie down next to him

Decorating the moon of Dwitiya[3] on hair

Moistening the dried lips with hilarity.


Listen, Oh Man!

Let dazzling sunflowers bloom under the pillow

Keep the aroma of Jasmine on the bed

Keep filling the pleasant tune on the flute

Buzz the entire room with a merry melody

As pigeons’ cooing

I wish to portray a rainbow welcoming rain and the sun

I want to glisten anointing the Bukuwa[4]

Receiving the soft pistils on my fingers

Touch him gently.

And assemble in me the blaze of firepot for him.


Listen, Oh Man!

I forgive your every fault

I dim every hatred gap with the warmth of life.

I rinse the antipathy with the blood of affection—

Emanating from my body


To unfasten my hair restraint for years

To wake up the unvoiced desires in the heart

Like a shirphool[5] on a bride’s hair.

To fill up the sound to the pledged speech

To blossom, my heart faded like an autumn flower

I’ve given birth to a dearest dream I had for years


In the numbness of dark

In the dreadful solitude

With the soft dawn of the Eastern breeze

I have unveiled a sheaf of rays


Listen, Oh Man!

I weigh as light as cotton of Simal tree

I’ve given birth to a novel dream— a daughter

Powerful to lift the earth up as a mother.



[1] Bombax Ceiba, an Asian tropical tree.

[2] A cotton waistband, worn by Nepali women

[3] Second day in the Lunar fortnight of the Hindu Calendar.

[4] The scented powder is usually composed of turmeric, mustard-seed powder and oil; used to anoint the body.

[5] A golden flower-shaped ornament used by women.


Dr Bindu Sharma is a poet and Asst. Lecturer in R.R. Campus, Nepal. She has two books, ‘Okkal Dokkal Pipal Paat‘ and ‘Samakalin Nepali Kabitama Samabeshikaran‘ in her credit.