Bikram Pawan Pariyar

Translated from Nepali by Hem Bishwakarma


Remember me then–

when you are in sorrow!


Remember me,

if you got a fortuitous cut

with a Chulesi

while cutting vegetables

Remember me,

if a thorn stuck your foot

Remember me,

while walikng

while lighting Diyo–

if it is blown off all of sudden!

Remember when the food gets stock out

Remember when the cooking oil finishes


I thinkg,

I am the one who you have to remember to!


Remember when the salt finishes

Remember when the strap of your sandal breaks

Remember when the blouse button pops off

Remember when the moonlight touches you


Remember when you feel my absence

I am the one who you have to remember to

thus you remember

whenever or wherever you want

The more–when in solitude.


Remember me,

while using an axe to split firewoods

you might bear corns on your palm

also you eyes that wait for me

would witness a couple of peacocks

dancing merrily

when you are thirsty like a dried out water tap

when the drought strikes the cornfield arid

and before the young corn plants be pregnant

it snows!

then remember me


Remember when making ridges of paddy field

Remember when repairing the thatched roof


When you wish to embellish with reminiscences

then put on a dozen of red bangles undoubtedly

and sense that I am with you!


When you feel the house is so empty

stand at the balcony

take out the mobile

dial my number and tell

“The jingling of bangles on my hand

sounds like your heartbeat.”


Do not worry,

if I fall sick

for your eyelashes twitch

think that I am remembering you!


To my situation,

by God’s grace, I’m well!

think that I am waiting for you!


Maybe I can’t return home on time

I can’t meet you on time

then understand the compulsions


Remember me the way you like

I won’t forget to remember you!

Bikram Pawan Pariyar is the author of Jaleko Mutu (ghazals), Maun Salik (short epic), and Susta GhatyoMrityu Saiya and Jindagima Aayou (songs). Originally from Ramechhap, he works in the Nepal Army, and is stationed in Kathmandu.