Hem Bishwakarma

Here are some of the videos of Hem Bishwakarma

Ke Ma Sochiraheko Ho

This is the poem by Hem Biswhakarma entitled ‘Ke Ma Sochiraheko Ho Timro Bare’. This Nepali poetry has been praised and liked by many people.

Poetry/Voice/Edit: Hem Bishwakarma



This song, entitled ‘Jijibisha’ was written and composed by Hem Bishwakarma. Recorded around 7 years ago, this song has been played on Kantipur FM as a ‘song of the month’. This song has been mostly popular over the years among many young people. It was popular, thanks to the words and music of the song.
Lyrics/Music: Hem Bishwakarma
Vocal: Manoj Thapa
Arrange: Johny Tamang
Studio: Koshi Films Pvt. Ltd.
Video Characters: Subas Yonjan/ Bhumika Rai


Phool Hos Sheet Hos

This song, entitled ‘Phool Hos Sheet Hos’, was written and composed by Hem Bishwakarma 13 years back. This is a spiritual song that urges you to keep yourself calm and tranquil. This song has been praised by many people for its wonderful lyrics and the true color of music that fits it.


Pahad arthat Ma

Pahad arthat Ma is a poem written and spoken in the Nepali language by Hem Bishwakarma. This poem has been one of the masterpieces by the author. This poem has been translated into English. The poem is wonderful with lots of metaphors and literary devices.