Sushma Dahal

Translated from Nepali by Hem Bishwakarma


Your memories are enough

To cry heartbroken,

To giggle

To dab all the longings and sensations

That rose along the bend of life

Your memories are enough yet


The diverge of the road was so near

To detach us

From the turning we met each other!

Unawares, we are separated

And that the time knows well

The aircraft could not fly

Which we swore to have a long flight by

With hand-in-hand

The pillar of our belief collapsed—and ruined.


Our ways were separate

Neither only for a moment,

Nor until our existence

But, till the remains

We were separated

Never can we meet again.


Unaware of,

The puffs of hurricane

Winding so cruel and violent

The irreverence that uprooted us


Oblivious of,

The separation

While walking with the heart

Connected to each other’s

We were separated in a blink


When stepping on some staircases

To touch an acme

Abruptly, it was your fall so hard

You fell, so did the shrine of my faith


You were a perennial tree

To avoid the torridity

A shelter to elude that cruel burst of rain


When you fell

Before my eyes

A thunderbolt tumbled on my head,

Lightning hit on my fortune

The dreams burnt

My thoughts went frozen

A bright world buried

Under the drench of sorrow

That can’t be climbed.


The oneness in us

Of the common dreams

All were turned into ashes

And vanished in a blink.


All the immortal dreams

Carved with the chisel of sentiment

Never come true again

Since they all are distorted along with you

That can never awake, never raise


A sky fell on me

The earth went thrust under

My heart frayed and turned

And got an eclipse over my hope and fortune

We’ll never meet each other

Keeping the hands on the chest

Putting on a nip of Tika of soil

We dissolved with a smile

To the airspace


I am left alive on the earth

But you became a handful of soil

I kept on searching for a sense of life

In the enigma of queries.


I spent a long time

Along with the whirlwind

Of the incomplete and dead faiths


Your memories took me through such a trauma

So I became insentient


Struggling with all those situations

Your memories became a metaphor

You stood with a smile on my mind

Then I celebrated the joy for I earned the world


Alas! If I could meet you

After the time passed!


Your memories are sufficient

To cry heartbroken

To giggle

And quench all the longings and sensations

That comes along the way to life.