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About Hem Bishwakarma

Translator, Poet, VO artist, Visual Presentation Designer, Musician, and Public Speaker. Currently working in education, arts and communication.
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May the birds be safe!


Hem Bishwakarma The way of life is extraordinary. And the situation as well. I haven't seen birds fly. I haven't ...

Human Body | Fun Facts


Hem Bishwakarma The Human Body The human body is a complex organism made up of numerous systems that all work ...

डर | खलिल जिब्रान


भनिन्छ, समुन्द्र पुग्नुअघि डरले थरथर काँप्दछ नदी । आफूँ बगेको बाटो हेर्दछ पहाड, बन र वस्ती छिचोल्दै हिँडेको घुम्तीहरु हेर्दछ ...

What is Journalism?


Hem Bishwakarma What is Journalism? Journalism is the practice of gathering, reporting, and writing about current events and breaking news. ...

A Lesson | Roshan Pariyar


Roshan Pariyar Translated from the Nepali by Hem Bishwakarma   From your heart the scissors That persistently cuts and breaks ...

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